Who earned on the IPO Uber


Uber taxi service held an IPO on May 10. The company sold 180 million shares at a price of $ 45 per share and raised $ 8.1 billion, with an estimate of $ 82.4 billion. For all the work Uber raised $ 20 billion from 162 investors. Now the shares of the largest shareholders, including the Japanese SoftBank and the former head of Uber, Travis Kalanik, are estimated at billions of dollars. Under the terms of the IPO, shareholders and management of Uber can not sell their shares within 180 days after the start of trading (lockup period). After attracting new financing for IPO, the shares of existing Uber shareholders have declined.


Japanese holding SoftBank is the largest shareholder of Uber. SoftBank invested $ 7.7 billion in Uber at the end of 2017, receiving a 15% stake in the company, estimated at $ 48 billion.

Benchmark Capital Partners

American venture capital firm Benchmark Capital is one of the first investors in Uber. The company led round A in the amount of $ 11 million in 2011 and then invested further in a startup in each next round.

Before the deal with SoftBank, American Benchmark Capital was the largest shareholder of Uber with a share of 13%. Now it owns 150 million shares or 11% in the capital of Uber. After the IPO, Benchmark Capital’s share fell to 8.5% (144.3 million shares).

Saudi Arabia Foundation

Saudi Arabian Sovereign Fund Public Investment Fund invested $ 3.5 billion in Uber in the summer of 2016, transferring the entire amount in one tranche. The fund’s managing director, Yasir al Rumayan, joined Uber’s board of directors.


Parent company Google invested $ 258 million in Uber in 2013 through the GV investment division. For six years, the value of investments has increased at least 12 times.

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanik left the company in the summer of 2017 after scandals around the service. All this time, Kalanik remained the largest individual shareholder of Uber with a share of 8.6%.

The founder of Uber, Garrett Camp, created an application for calling cars, after which Kalanic joined the project. Now Camp is the second largest shareholder in Uber, it owns 6% of the shares.

The current Uber CEO Dara Khosrovshahi owns 196 thousand Uber shares. He headed the company at the end of August 2017. His main task is to bring Uber out of the crisis, in which the company found itself in the last years of Kalanik’s rule.

The first CEO of Uber owns almost 33.2 million shares or 2.4% in Uber capital. After the IPO, its share fell to 1.9% (31.9 million shares).

Uber’s operational director Barney Harford (105,000 shares worth $ 4.7 million) and chief technical director Tuan Fam (about 5.4 million shares worth 243 million) own the management. Board member Arianna Huffington owns 22 thousand shares, which can cost 990 thousand dollars.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also invested in Uber, reports The Information, citing sources. According to them, Bezos invested about $ 3 million in Uber. Now his share is estimated at about 400 million. In addition, Bezos invested in Uber through Benchmark Capital.

Among the investors, Uber included businessmen and companies from Russia. The documents to the IPO companies do not name them, since only investors who own more than 5% of the shares require public disclosure.